How To Grow Your Business By Empowering Your Team? PART 3


​How to Grow Your Business by Empowering Your Team? (Part 3)

​​One of the key aspects of growing your business to the next level is managing your team effectively. Watch this video to understand how to handle a situation when a loyal team member makes a mistake.

In your business, team members should have space to take small risks and make small mistakes. This will allow them to grow confident and responsible for taking significant risks in the business.

If one makes a mistake, be calm and talk to them about their mistake, this video will explain how. Then, ask them to discuss with their fellow team members so that they will also avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

This video delves deep into how to raise your employees’ morale and performance by separating the behavior from the person. This would help them grow to the next level and reduce the probability of them committing a similar mistake in the future.

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How to convert your biggest obstacles into biggest opportunities?

How to Convert Your Biggest Obstacle into Biggest Opportunity?

As human beings, we have always undergone struggle and suffering; often, people glorify suffering. Watch this video to understand how you can accelerate yourself to the next level by overcoming your challenge and converting it into your biggest opportunity.

How you can use mindset and your body to turn your obstacle into an opportunity.

Whatever challenges you go through, there is an intelligence behind it. Figure out what this problem is trying to tell you before solving it. Human beings are meaning-making machines. Once you find out what stops you from moving forward, ask what is great about this problem.

First, ask survival questions. Using empowering vocabulary, change your internal questions regarding the problem. Then, do some out-of-the-ordinary physical activity. Your mind creates obstacles, so doing something physical can activate your body.

Finally, you can examine the situation from a new and different dimension.

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How To Grow Your Business By Expanding Your Identity?


People thinking that having a degree in MBA will help them succeed in business, but in reality, people who grow their business to the next level are often not MBA degree holders. Watch this video to understand how you can grow your business by expanding your identity.

Identity is a collection of one’s memories; who you are is defined by what you remember. In this video, I discuss how to make progressive expansion of your identity and scale your business to the next level.

As human species, you grow, and as you grow, your perception of yourself expands, and you step from one level of your identity to the other. Watch this video to understand how you can expand your identity intentionally and accelerate your business.

To start with, you have to take action.

Then, expand the way you see yourself. Have clarity of who you are.

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How To Grow Your Business Using This Mind Set


How to use Mindset for Business Growth and Success?

The book Secret gave people an insight into the human mind’s potential. Everyone wants to manifest things in their life. But meditating in a dark room is not going to grow your business, we need certain things in order to do that. Watch this video to understand an effective strategy to manifest and scale your business.
Mindset is having enough potential to create strategies to accelerate your business. In this video, I discuss How to use Mindset for Business Growth and Success, and how you can build the dream you want and how to have the energy to take action even when you are not succeeding.
To start with, always have a clear idea of what you want.
Then use mindset to attune with your purpose.
Watch this video to understand how you can break away from the negative emotions that hold you back as well.
Learn how following a structured challenge of developing new habits will help you reach your higher self.

3 Ways to Grow Your Business


Do you want to take your business to the next level? Watch this video to understand the three key aspects of business that you can handle, which will scale your business and manage your mindset to accelerate your business.

First is the mindset, it is the machine that operates your business; it is the CPU of the business. 60% of your business is the mindset.

Then comes the strategy. In business, there are three things; marketing – getting your product to the customer. Innovation – creating a product that would invite customers. Optimization – increase your customer value so that your business is optimized to grow to the next level.

Finally, the speed of implementation. Create a system to generate money right now. Take intelligent actions that will give you faster results. In business, making money is what matters. The video also discusses topics like ‘money now’ and ‘money later.

If You Chase Two Rabbits You Get None


If You Chase Two Rabbits, You Get None

Do you ever dream of doing multiple businesses? Entrepreneurs are interested in doing many things.  Watch this video to understand what will happen if you chase two ideas simultaneously and what you can do if you want to chase multiple ideas.

The first rule of business is to focus on one core business until you reach your intended stability. Your energy is generated from focus, if you run behind multiple ideas, it will be split, but you can have various products for the same company.

When you start a new business, it might not work. Being an entrepreneur is a self-help journey, a reflection of who you are. In this video, I discuss how you can strategically change plans to scale your business.

Then, if you want to chase two ideas, find a partner or another entrepreneur who could chase the idea for you or can operate your current business.

The Magic of self Love

Self-love is the ability to appreciate and love yourself the way you are without giving up. Everyone has a dark and light side; self-love helps you to strive forward in life. Watch this video to see how you can use self-love as a catalyst to reach the next level.

To start with, the way you perceive yourself and the people around you will impact your business. In this video, I discuss what the Judgement scale is and how it can influence your business.

Don’t wait till you master self-love; work around it. Self-love will help you accelerate your business much more than anything else.

The video dives deep into how becoming curious can stop you from being critical of yourself. You will also understand the psychology of business and how business is an extension of your identity.

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in Their Face

Everyone says they are stressed, scared, anxious, and find life confusing. Have you ever wondered how everyday work life is for a boxer? Showing up for work for a fighter is getting punched in their face. Watch this video to understand how you can navigate life and handle business when you get punched in your face.

Entrepreneurship is not winning a lottery. It is the ability to stand up when you get punched in the face. Uncertainties are part of life, and it is vital to figure out how you can come out of it powerful. In this video, I discuss how you can accelerate your business during uncertain times.

To start with, have faith. Find certainty within you to move your business to the next level.

Then, listen to your fear. Learn to use fear as a tool to scale your business.

How to implement your plans with Speed?


What can you do in the current situation to move ahead?

Our education prepares us to aim for shooting a target sometime in the future. But we have not been equipped to shoot the target we have been aiming at for decades!

If you want to begin creating progress in your business or life, take action today without stopping to take aim.

Take a small, tiny action right now to grow your business. After that first small action, you will be able to take aim and then shoot at your next target.

Watch the video to find out how you can implement your plans quickly and effectively. Watch this episode to find out how you can solve your problems like a pro.

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How Successful People Solve Problems?

If you know how to solve problems like a successful person, then you can tackle any problem in your way, both in life and business.

If you do not know this strategy, then you may find yourself falling deeper inside the problem itself.

Successful people see themselves as having been successful in their past. They look back at their accomplishments and earlier successes before they tackle any new problems. Thus, successful people have a ‘frame of success’ to build their victory on.

When faced with a problem, go back to your past, find your victories and achievements first. Gather those precious accomplishments around you before you take up the problem at hand in the present.

Watch this episode to find out how you can solve your problems like a pro.

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