Women are the leaders of tomorrow


Feminine energy is a passion while masculine energy is power.

So the past 1000s of years have ruled by men. Even in America, before 70 years, women were out of the main force. But the world is switching from masculine to feminine energy.

The upcoming world is run by compassion, empathy, love, caring, and kindness rather than power, arrogance, and intelligence, strategies, etc. That doesn’t mean that all of these like techniques, step by step process, intelligence, strategies, certainty, power are unimportant. But all these are superseded by feminine power.


So, both men and women are aware of this change. Otherwise, women will lose their opportunities, and men will be out of the mainframe.

Steve Jobs, the ex CEO of Apple Inc was once asked “what is only one quality of business??”

He told, “caring”. What is that? caring is a feminine skill. Right??

So, if your business going only with masculine energy, then it’s time to awake that feminine skill and integrate with it. So that you can deliver a world-class experience to the customers.



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As a man, if you don’t know about the shift happening in the next 100 years, then you will lose a lot of business. And if you know what I’m talking about and calibrate the new world Oder, then you would be ahead of the game in front of many people.

By recognizing this power, you would get much value from it, you would get maximum benefit by creating much value for your customer, wealth for you personally, and cherishing more.

Look at the world, like 4.4 million years of human experience on this planet. And most of the tasks are done by men. For example, hunting, gathering foods, agriculture, farming, etc. So basically, we built a culture for men by men.

When the industrial revolution started, people started using machinery, and the work culture was built for men.

It’s the time, the world is shifting. Women came into the workforce around 70 years ago all over the world. But women are shaping the world the way they look at things. The world is shifting from masculine energy to feminine energy. That is caring is more important than power. Empathy is more important than certainty. Love is more important than arrogance. So, selling has become caring. Marketing has become empathy. And eventually business is becoming a spiritual activity.

For men, its opportunity for you to live with our feminine side and calibrate to our business side in such a way that our business can grow and flourish in the coming years. For women, it’s time to step up because you are going to lead the new world. You already have the feminine capabilities. Men need to work on it. But you have this. So, take the worship of it. For men, finding the power from that feminine side means, caring, empathy, love, compassion, understanding, and getting deeper into the customer and understand their unspoken needs and describe them. If you don’t do that, you will be eliminated. It’s the game of survival of fittest. Fittest doesn’t mean who is strong, but who adapts the fastest. And adaptation is feminine.

Steve Jobs the Ex CEO of Apple Inc told that “Caring is the most important thing in business”. That means the world is shifting to a feminine space.