Turn Your Failures into Success


How can we continue to try when we’ve failed multiple times before?

Don’t listen to your mind or even loved ones if it doesn’t serve your mission. Your mind simply wants to protect you. It will convince you to stop trying because it doesn’t want you to fail again. Similarly, friends and family might also encourage you to stop trying. Attempting the same thing over and over again seems insane to them. Regardless of what your mind or loved ones say, keep trying anyways.
Believe in yourself no matter what. Friends and family might encourage you to stop, but you must believe in yourself. Believe that you have a greater purpose to inspire others and contribute something amazing to this world. This great belief in yourself will encourage you to keep trying.
Learn from past mistakes. There’s no such thing as failure if you have learned something from it. Learn from your mistakes and improve on them. This will become a constant improving process until you succeed.
Believe in something greater than yourself. Whether it be God, Buddha, or the universe, believe in it to get you through. Trust that whatever you believe in will take you to the next level.
With unshakable faith and belief, you can overcome any obstacle. Nothing is impossible!

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A Perfectionist is chasing an illusion it doesn't exist in business

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Ruble Chandy


Just because you failed in the past does not mean you have to fail in the future. You might have failed 10 years ago, 3 months ago, an hour ago, or even a minute ago, but that doesn’t need to define your current success or failure.

Your mind wants to generalize and tell you “you know what, you are a failed screw up, you failed too many times in your relationship, business, or anything that you try to do!” Your mind tries to generalize and say that you’re not going to succeed because your mind is simply trying to protect you. It doesn’t want your life to be difficult. It wants your life to be comfortable because that’s what the mind knows. It says, “you know what, you’ve already failed 3 times, please don’t waste your time and create more discomfort in your life.” It’s trying to protect you from feeling failure.

There’s nothing called, failure. In life or business there is nothing called failure. The only failure that you could have is failure to learn something from a setback. If you have a setback and don’t learn anything from it, then that is failure. Other than that, each of the failures you’ve had is something that has paved the foundation for your future success.

This is not something we tend to believe. This is not something we’re conditioned to because of our society or the closest people around us. Maybe our parents, siblings, or friends are always telling us, “you failed 3 times, don’t do it again!” They say, “are you stupid, are you an idiot, don’t you understand?” The definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing expecting a different result. They say that it looks like you’re doing the same thing. They might even call you crazy for trying something new. Yet, in reality you are not insane.

You are intelligent enough to realize that there is something different in what you did the last time. There was some ingredient missing last time. For example, there is a lock with four numbers. If you dial in 3 numbers do you think it will open? No. If you randomly take 3 numbers from any combination, will it work? No. Even if you enter 4 digits, will it work if you enter in the wrong numbers? No.

There is a syndex for success too. You could say that you did all the 4 things that you needed. For example you may think, “I had the right idea, I had the right strategy, and everything else but I still didn’t succeed.” Therefore, there is no value in trying again. Whereas, in reality maybe you had the combination wrong. Maybe you entered the numbers in the wrong order. This is what you’re going to change so that you don’t continue to approach the same thing again and again with the same strategy. You are approaching the same thing again and again with a different strategy, mindset, or psychology.

People might reject and ridicule you. They might ask you, “what’s wrong, you failed twice in your business?” This was my story. Then they say, “and you still want to do business, are you crazy?” You’re not fit for business and you’ve already proved this.” They wonder why you are doing business again and think it’s insanity. It is insanity for most people who look from outside but not you.

You have this spark of light inside of you that tells you, “there is something that I see in me.” “There is a dream that I have to inspire the world, help, or take the world to the next level.” The definition of world in this sense does not have to be the entire world, it can just be your world. You want to help the people you interact with like your customers, friends, and family. You want them to go to the next level of consciousness, wealth, freedom or happiness. You see a bigger picture than other people. Often times in this world most people are not this way. Therefore, people would look at you strangely and question what the heck you’re doing. They will question why you’re not taking the normal path and instead choosing to go from 0 to 1000 quickly. Why can’t you just be like everyone else?

This doesn’t work for you or me.

Basically what I am saying is, get back the courage to dream again, even when you have failed multiple times. What happens today or what happened tomorrow does not have to reflect your past. Of course it will influence you because you choose what to be influenced by. If you failed at something, you analyze it and find out how to do it differently next time. Whether it’s in your relationship, business, or anything that you want to accomplish, figure out what you did wrong. You will fix it and do it again. This becomes a constant improving process until you succeed.

How long will you allow a child to learn how to walk before you give up on him or her? Will you say, “I have wasted all my time and energy in helping her to walk but she is falling down too many times?” No, you will do everything you could in helping them to walk. When do you give up on them? Never? Never. You help her until they finally walk. This is the golden rule.

You might fail and feel disappointed. You might fall down and get injured. You might feel like you’re flying down at hundred miles per hour with no parachute. You continue pushing on the parachute but it doesn’t open! You might feel like you’re going to fall onto the ground or ocean at very high speeds, but grace will take over. When you do everything you could possibly do and when your psychology is ready to succeed, grace will take over. You need to have faith. After everything you do, all you need to do is trust yourself and God or universe.

I was talking with a friend who races. He drives at 195mph. He said when he’s driving really fast and makes a turn he will crash into the wall if he looks at it even for just a microsecond. What he does is look at the road towards where he wants to go, rather than where he wants to avoid. Driving this fast can kill you in a microsecond. It is like your life. If you are going really fast in life, flying from the sky without your parachute open, or simply when you’re taking a risk in business or life, would you be focusing on death, failure, and misfortune, or do you focus on the glory of when your parachute opens? If you constantly focus on it, your parachute is going to open for sure. If you just sit at home and watch Netflix and never jump, then your parachute will never open. If you jump out that plane and keep pushing yourself until the parachute opens, then grace is going to take over. Once it does, it’s going to be amazing!

Do everything you can and then some more, then trust in the universe, God, or whatever you believe in, to take you to the next level. That is my message for this week and if you would love to have my weekly inspiration you can sign up on this website by clicking the button below.

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