The One Step to Find Your Business Genius

The One Step to Find Your Business Genius

Do you want to know how to transform your business dramatically? What is a reverse projection? What is the projection in the first place?

This video is for those who want to transform their business and life beyond imagination. If you know this simple but phenomenal concept, your business could be transformed faster than you ever thought possible.

Let me define the terms first. Projection, in a psychological sense, is projecting one’s weaknesses onto other people. We see our own faults reflected in other people. Especially the people whom we don’t like.

Reverse projection is an effective idea that will transform your life completely. This is the exact opposite of the projection. In reverse projection, you actively project what traits and skills that you want to inculcate in your life onto others

For instance, if you want to be a charismatic businessperson, you start projecting that quality and observing that quality in other business people. Once you do, deeply admire that quality in them.

Watch my video to understand how you can genuinely discover positive traits in other people and thus project the qualities into your own self. Learn this very advanced but simple idea to double your revenue, profit, and income.

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A Perfectionist is chasing an illusion it doesn't exist in business

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Ruble Chandy

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