Perfectionism is the Enemy of Success

Do you know your biggest enemy that prevents you from becoming a legendary entrepreneur?


Perfectionism is the elusive enemy that is a hurdle in your path to success.

In this episode of Business Accelerator, best-selling author and business strategist, Ruble Chandy dissects the difficulties caused by the urge to create something that is completely perfect.

Perfection is an illusion as nothing is perfect in life.

Perfectionism thwarts your progress by making you feel that your product is not worthy of attention or demand. While it is natural to want to create something that is incredibly successful, trying to make it perfect is futile.

Chandy explains the difference between the illusion of perfection and imperfect perfectionism. He clarifies that we need to create a remarkable product, which is something that attracts people’s attention, but is still not perfect.

Watch the video to understand how to become a remarkable person and to develop a remarkable business.

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Thoughtful Quotes:

A Perfectionist is chasing an illusion it doesn't exist in business

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Ruble Chandy


1. Perfectionism prevents progress

2. Nothing is ever perfect

3. Strive to be remarkable

In this episode of Business Accelerator, let us tackle a hurdle on the path to achieving success – perfection. Perfectionism is your enemy that simply does not allow you to reach your true potential.

Perfectionism masks a fear – the fear that you are not good enough or that your product is not great or that the relationship you are building is not worthwhile. This crippling fear stems from our feeling that we are not good enough.

Trying to be perfect and trying to make our product perfect is like chasing an illusion. It will only prove to be impossible as nothing; absolutely, nothing is perfect. Only God’s creations in Nature can be considered perfect.

So we must definitely overcome perfectionism. Sounds a bit strange, right? Does that mean we lower our standards? Or does that mean we stop caring about results?

Well, allow me to clarify – what you should be aiming at is to become remarkable or to create something remarkable. What does this word mean? Remarkable means doing something or creating a product that gets people to talk about it i.e., something that is worthy of remark.

When we think about the splash that the Apple’s iPhone brought into our lives, you may recall how people everywhere were excitedly discussing the merits of the innovative smartphone, which was introduced in the market. However, the iPhone is also not perfect. It did have its shortcomings as well.

To become successful, what we must target is to try and become remarkable. When people begin talking about your service or the product you have come up with, you have made something that is remarkable. The same can be extended to all aspects of life – you can be a remarkable person, you can build remarkable relationships, you can have remarkable marketing, or you can also build remarkable work ethics.

This strategy will help you become imperfectly perfect. If you are open to becoming remarkable, your business will thrive, and your life will become happier and more fulfilling.

Watch the video to understand more about fighting perfectionism and replacing it with being imperfectly perfect.

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