No I Won’t Feed Your Monkey

In the fast-paced world of business, time is a valuable resource that must be managed effectively. As a CEO or business owner, it’s crucial to find ways to save time and increase productivity. One powerful tool in achieving this is delegation. Delegation involves assigning tasks to capable team members, allowing you to focus on higher-level responsibilities and strategic growth. In this blog post, we will explore why delegation is essential, what it entails, how to delegate effectively, the potential benefits, and a summary of key points to remember.

Why Delegate?

Delegation is not about passing off work or shirking responsibilities; rather, it is a strategic approach to maximizing productivity and efficiency. By hiring an employee to handle your “monkeys,” or tasks, you can free up your time to think, create, innovate, and steer your business to new heights. Delegation empowers your team members, fosters their growth, and allows them to contribute value to your organization.

What is Delegation?

Imagine yourself as a “monkey wholesaler” – a distributor of monkeys. You have numerous monkeys, representing various tasks and responsibilities, overwhelming your shoulders. As a CEO or business owner, it’s essential to distribute these monkeys among your team members effectively. Delegation involves hiring employees to handle specific tasks, taking ownership and responsibility for completing them. The tasks are theirs to manage, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of the business.

How to Delegate Effectively:

Think of Yourself as a Monkey Wholesaler: Embrace the role of delegating tasks to others. Just as a wholesaler distributes monkeys to different buyers, you assign tasks to your team members, freeing up your time and mental capacity.
Implement a No Return Policy: Once a task is delegated, it should not be returned to you. Avoid rescuing team members from their responsibilities. Encourage them to find solutions and complete tasks independently, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.
Don’t Feed the Monkey: When delegating a task, resist the temptation to spoon-feed information or solutions. Encourage team members to find their own answers and take ownership of the process. By doing so, you empower them to become self-sufficient problem solvers.

What If?

What if team members struggle with their assigned tasks or encounter difficulties along the way? In such cases, it’s essential to provide guidance and support without taking back the task. Encourage them to seek assistance from colleagues, utilize resources available to them, or propose alternative solutions. By doing so, you promote a culture of growth, independent thinking, and accountability.


Delegation is a powerful tool for increasing productivity and efficiency in business. By imagining yourself as a monkey wholesaler and hiring employees to handle specific tasks, you can focus on strategic initiatives while empowering your team members. Remember not to rescue team members by accepting returned tasks, and encourage them to find solutions independently. Reward completion rather than activity, fostering a results-oriented mindset within your organization.

Incorporating effective delegation practices into your business can revolutionize the way you operate. By mastering the art of delegation, you can elevate your productivity, maximize your time, and empower your team to excel. So, embrace the role of the monkey wholesaler, distribute tasks strategically, and watch your business thrive.

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