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Why External Validation is Important for Your Business

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to convince potential clients to buy your product or service? You may be missing a crucial aspect of the sales process: external validation.

In a recent video, a business coach talks about the importance of external validation and how to handle situations where potential clients need more proof that your offering is the right choice for them. Here’s what you need to know:

What is External Validation?

External validation refers to the need for people to receive approval or validation from outside sources, such as friends, family, or even strangers. This is especially common when it comes to making decisions about purchasing a product or service.

In the video, the coach explains that external validation is important because it gives potential clients the reassurance they need to make a decision. Testimonials and social proof, such as reviews or ratings, are examples of external validation that can help convince potential clients to buy.

How to Handle External Validation Requests

So, what should you do when potential clients express the need for more external validation? The coach recommends asking who else needs to be involved in the conversation. For example, if the potential client mentions needing to run the decision by their partner, invite the partner to the conversation.

By including all decision-makers in the conversation, you can provide the necessary information and external validation to make them feel comfortable and confident in their decision.

What If You Don’t Have External Validation?

But what if you’re just starting out and don’t have any external validation to provide? The coach suggests creating case studies or reaching out to past clients to ask for testimonials. Another option is to offer a money-back guarantee to give potential clients the assurance they need to take the plunge.


External validation is an important aspect of the sales process that can help convince potential clients to buy your product or service. By understanding the need for external validation and including all decision-makers in the conversation, you can provide the reassurance and confidence necessary to close the deal. And if you’re just starting out, creating case studies or offering a money-back guarantee can help build the external validation you need to grow your business.

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