Impotent Marketing creates Inaction: Marketing is about Triggering Action

In today’s world, marketing has become an art of influencing people’s subconscious minds. It’s not just about logical justifications or appealing to their intellect; it’s about establishing a deep connection and triggering emotions that lead to action. In this blog, we will explore the fascinating concept of subconscious decision-making and how marketers can leverage it to create compelling offers and drive conversions.

Why Subconscious Decisions Matter: Contrary to popular belief, most of our decisions are not the result of logical reasoning. We may think we are making rational choices, but in reality, our emotions play a significant role. Understanding this aspect of human behavior is crucial for marketers because it enables them to tap into the subconscious desires and motivations of their target audience.

What Influences Subconscious Decisions: To influence subconscious decision-making, marketers can employ various techniques outlined by Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence.” These techniques include using contrast, reciprocity, and scarcity to create compelling offers. Marketers worldwide consider this book their marketing Bible, as it provides insights into how both exceptional products and manipulative tactics are created using the same principles.

How to Connect on a Deeper Level: Successful marketing goes beyond merely grabbing attention; it’s about establishing a profound connection with the audience. Marketers need to evoke a feeling in their audience that compels them to take action. This can be achieved by crafting offers that are so irresistible and valuable that individuals feel compelled to seize the opportunity. The goal is to connect on a soul, mind, and intellectual level, leaving potential customers with no option but to choose your product or service.

The Power of Micro Actions: In marketing, the key is to guide individuals through a series of micro actions that lead to a bigger decision. These micro actions can be as simple as liking a post, commenting, or watching a video. Robert Cialdini illustrates the power of micro actions through a bone marrow donation example. By first asking individuals to wear a pin supporting cancer patients and then inviting them to visit a cancer center, the organization successfully increased the number of bone marrow donors. This example demonstrates that by gradually increasing commitment and consistency, marketers can influence subconscious decision-making and trigger action.

What If: Navigating the Path to Purchase: Marketers can apply the concept of micro actions to create a clear path towards a purchase decision. Each step along this path should bring potential customers closer to making a purchase. Starting with engaging social media posts, progressing to website visits, webinars, and eventually the purchase button, marketers can guide individuals through a journey of increasing commitment. By carefully designing this path, marketers increase the chances of converting potential customers into buyers.

Summary: Marketing is no longer solely about logical justifications; it’s about understanding and influencing subconscious decision-making. By tapping into the emotions and desires of their audience, marketers can create compelling offers that trigger action. Techniques outlined by Robert Cialdini, such as contrast, reciprocity, and scarcity, provide valuable insights into subconscious influence. Furthermore, by guiding individuals through a series of micro actions, marketers can create a path that leads potential customers towards a purchase decision. Ultimately, understanding and leveraging the power of subconscious influence is key to successful marketing in today’s world.

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