How to Use Digital Diet to Succeed In Life and Business?


Social Media

Social media was once meant to be the best platform to connect with each other. A medium to reach out across time zones and continents to bridge the gap between people. But now it has become one of the biggest wastages in the history of mankind. It steals your productive time and mental peace. It sucks, sells, replaces your beliefs with the tailor-made agenda that is reinforced by the marketing companies. They keep providing you free accounts, and in exchange buy ‘you’ as a whole without even knowing it. In other words, it’s the pure trading of souls.

Let’s not kid ourselves.

On average, a normal person spends around 3-4 hours on social media, and some, more than that on entertainment channels like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. It’s simple math, if we have a lifespan of 100 years, 25 years of our cream period is gone. Isn’t that alarming? Is that for what we signed up for in our life? No! We all are born with a purpose and we are bound to give something to this world. But what we see today is, it’s social media that decides our life. It keeps tempting us with all those magnetic love, like, and care buttons and we cling around like chimpanzees for hours. It engages our brains continuously and we gradually get distracted… from distraction…to distraction, finally to become their slaves. Most of the time, it acts as a catalyst in spreading false narratives, fake and fabricated news thus stealing our productive hours and mental peace.

Imagine, while we are working, every ding on our phone takes away 25 minutes of our valued time. This one ding and our focus are out, we become restless. According to statistics, YouTube is ranking. Why? It’s because the media places specific videos on the right side. Once you click that, other suggested videos pop up. It’s because of certain algorithms that gauge our varied interests, and we fall prey to them. The longer we stay tuned, the more advertisement it hosts because it knows our pulse and once that inclination is injected in us, we will be ready to pay for their Ad, and that’s the game. Yes, this digital whirlpool will take our life. So, it is important that we stay away from this mania and start taking control of our life.

How do we curtail it?

Simple, just change our mindset, shift the usage into a manner that would enhance our productivity, help grow our business, help us realize our dream of becoming a millionaire or billionaire, aid us in the upliftment of mankind.

It’s up to us to decide what we are going to do on social media. It’s like, when we eat a lot of junk food, our cholesterol boosts up and we get a signal that it’s time to go on a diet. To manage cholesterol, we try to lose weight and fat. Similarly, we need to manage our digital cholesterol, our digital diabetes that tempts us in the form of love, like, care, and huge buttons. For that, we need to restructure our social media. Let Social media be a platform that supports us in imparting some education, that guides us to scale our business. Let’s learn life, study marketing, and sales, learn the psychology of business, and persuade all those who want to start and succeed in their business. It’s obvious that sometimes we need to watch some visuals, but then it should be planned, it should be a scheduled watch. Not because somebody told us to do it, we are doing it. That’s slavery.

Our life is our choice. For eg; when we overeat, we skip breakfast or lunch or we do intermittent fasting. Similarly, when we realize that digital platforms are spoiling us, figure out a digital diet that works for us. Schedule a time for Social media, say from 2-4 pm or 3 to 5 pm. If we want an all-protein diet, choose just one platform a day, it can be either FB or Insta, or Twitter. Likewise, if we want to fast for days, pick nothing, just relax, no Fb, no Instagram, no Twitter. That way, we clean up our whole body system. Be our own dietician because there is just one life. Studies reveal that if we sync with nature for 48 hours our intelligence boosts up to 10% and so our mindset for business success.


Keys to Digital Diet

Schedule a time for the utilization of social media.
Take an oath not to surpass the scheduled time.
Post something that can educate others.
Occasionally take a vacation from technology.
Enjoy tech-free nights.

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A Perfectionist is chasing an illusion it doesn't exist in business

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