How To Untangle Complex Negative Emotions?

How to Untangle Complex Negative Emotions?

How do you handle negative emotions as a business owner?

If you know how to manage your negative emotions like anger, sadness, etc., you can smoothly take your business to the next level. If you don’t know how to manage these emotions, your business will also go in the direction of your negative feelings. There are negative emotions but there are also secondary negative emotions that we are often not aware of.

Every emotion is wrapped around by another emotion. For example, when a person cries, he/she feels a secondary feeling of shame – a shame about crying. This leads to a vicious cycle of sadness accompanied by shame.

We temporarily stop our sadness with a wrapper of shame. But what if you could be sad with another wrapper? Let us learn to wrap a negative emotion with a positive one. For instance, wrap anger with compassion, wrap sadness with love.

Remember this is not about masking emotions. When faced with uncertainty in business, wrap it with certainty or confidence or love or empathy. Watch today’s episode to learn how you can wrap your emotions differently instead of demonizing them.

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