How to Achieve Your GOALS Faster

Why Setting Goals Doesn’t Work: The Power of Questions

Have you ever set a goal but failed to achieve it? Maybe you’ve set multiple goals, visualized them, and put them on your mission board, but still couldn’t reach your dreams. If that’s the case, Ruble Chandy, an international best-selling author of “90 days of life: our journey from turmoil to triumph,” has a fascinating and controversial topic to discuss: don’t set goals; they don’t work.

Why don’t goals work? According to Chandy, the language of the goal is the language of the mind. The mind is always thinking, even a hundred years ago. But today, with all the distractions and pressure from different directions, the mind doesn’t activate anymore, making it difficult for goals to work. Instead, Chandy suggests going deeper and finding out what you want to achieve, creating a question out of it.

How can you create a question out of your goal? Chandy believes that questions are the language of the soul. They connect you to your soul and guide you to the answers you need. For example, instead of saying, “I want to create a ten-figure business,” create a question out of it, such as “How am I going to create a ten-figure business by 2025?” Write the question down and talk to your soul, and the soul will start answering the question.

Chandy acknowledges that at first, your mind will start answering the question negatively, but your soul will eventually take over, and you’ll find answers that you never thought were possible. So, instead of setting goals, ask yourself questions and allow your soul to guide you.

What if you don’t follow Chandy’s advice and continue setting goals instead of questions? The result may be similar to what you’ve experienced before: setting goals, but not achieving them. You might also feel frustrated and demotivated, thinking that you’re not good enough or not working hard enough.

In summary, Ruble Chandy suggests that setting goals doesn’t work because the language of the goal is the language of the mind, which doesn’t activate anymore due to distractions and pressure from different directions. Instead, he suggests going deeper and creating questions out of your goals, allowing your soul to guide you to the answers you need. While this might be a controversial topic, it’s worth a try if you’ve been struggling with achieving your goals. Remember, questions are the language of the soul, and your soul has the answers you need.

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