How FEAR is Destroying your Business Success

Fear is purely the imagination of the human mind. These imaginations make your mind biased, which controls your thought and life. Only a fear-free mind can make the right decision that ultimately leads to success in your business and career.

The society you live in has a potential role in creating fear. To be precise, society can be divided into two types, mainly cluster society, and individualist society. Most of the eastern societies are considered as cluster societies where the family and workgroups stand above individual desire. Kerala is a typical example of a cluster society. The western societies follow an individualist culture and attitude, giving utmost importance to personal goals and achievement. The fear formed in cluster society is extremely different from the one formed in the individualist society. And, it makes a different impression on people’s live-in. The two different forms are fear of rejection and fear of failure, respectively. How to overcome fear? Surround yourself with people who can emit positive energy is a possible option.

But there are a plethora of options to destroy fear, to know more stay tuned to this channel.

Thoughtful Quotes:

A Perfectionist is chasing an illusion it doesn't exist in business

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Ruble Chandy

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