Do You Have The Mindset To Be Rich?


How can we be more in control of our financial destiny?

Get out of financial scarcity! Do not settle for less than what you are, use intelligent actions to create your financial destiny!

How can we do this?

Transform negative thoughts towards money into positives. Wealth is not just for bad people! If your thoughts towards money are negative, then you will not reach your financial destiny. Money can be used for charities and giving, it can be positive. Think positively about money and you will be closer to achieving your financial dreams.

Embrace abundance thinking. Fill your mind with positive associations towards money. You might think you don’t have enough now, but you will. Ask yourself “how” and begin planning for the future.

Take intelligent action! What is one thing you can do today to create a better financial future? Whether it be investing in a mutual fund or a bit of real estate, start planning today!

Progress on your wealth, create a mindset of abundance, create positive thoughts about money, and appreciate the richness in your life so that you can become rich too!


I have a question for you…

Let’s say you’re driving on the road and all of a sudden you see a Ferrari whose right next to you, when you look at the person who sits in that Ferrari, a very expensive car, what do you feel? What do you think about? Obviously the guy must be rich, unless he rented a Ferrari from somewhere. Let’s assume that he’s rich, and if he’s rich, you look at him and he’s like immensely rich, so…What do you feel? What do you think? What comes to your mind?

And that is the reflection of your future self.

What do I mean by that? I’m going to explain that in a moment…

Knowing this information will help you be in control of your financial destiny. Those who don’t know this information, they live their life in scarcity, they live their life in financial scarcity. And, they settle for something that is less than who they are. But if you know this information then it will help you create your financial destiny through intelligent actions.

Let’s explore. So you see this guy, he’s in this Ferrari. Now we look at it. If you’re thinking that maybe he’s a drug dealer, or maybe he’s a bad guy. If your imagination about this rich person who is right next to you in the Ferrari, and you’re driving your normal…Honda, Toyota, or a normal car, whatever is normal in your country, and you see this guy and all of sudden you feel that this guy is a bad guy, maybe he drinks too much, maybe he’s a bad person, maybe he made money doing some filthy bad stuff. That means that you associate with wealth, with richness, and having an abundance of money is a lot of pain. This is a simple indicator of how you look at yourself in the future.

For example, we all project our future from now. We are in the present right now. We think about our future. And in the future, that could be the next moment, or next month, or next year. When I was young I was brought up in a culture where rich people are tabooed, people say that rich people drink too much, they’re alcoholics obviously, and they’re bad people. If you look at the movies you will see even now in Hollywood movies or movies from different countries, you will see that rich people are presented as evil people who have this conspiracy of bad ideas to destroy the world. If that is your belief about rich people (I’m not justifying any rich person who made money by doing illegal stuff) like Warren Buffet, one of the biggest, richest person in the world , he said “money doesn’t make anybody bad, these people are bad before they made money.” In his words, money doesn’t make a jerk, these people who are jerks, they got money and all of a sudden they become more of who they are after they have money. Money just made them more of who they are.

So if you reflect unto yourself, if you see yourself inside and think that…”if I have too much money, then I would…blank.” And if what is coming to your mind as an answer is negative, that means you would not highly likely make a lot of money in your lifetime, if you go with that kind of belief. So how do I switch my mind about the rich person who parked next to me in their car, and see something good about him? Whether he is good or bad doesn’t matter, you do it for yourself. This way you are building this future, your future self with an abundance mindset.

The keyword is abundance. Let us have a look at economics. For thousands of years in economics, we studied that we have a given set of resources and from that set of resources, we need to divide this pie. We have nine pieces for a pie and each person takes one, and then that’s it, it’s gone. Imagine a gigantic pie with an unlimited number of slices that you could cut, that is abundance of wealth.

Businesses like Google’s advertising business or Amazon’s online sales didn’t exist 20 years ago. Right? These are new venues. New areas by which you can make more and more income. I know this is a big billion dollar example, the same way even in the smaller world of business or life or professional life, you will realize that there is enough for everybody.

So go from a place of abundance, rather than going from a place of scarcity. We’re all brought up in a world where we would say, “Oh we don’t have enough money, you know what let’s not spend too much.” And of course you need to be intelligent in spending money, but don’t go from a place of I cannot afford it. One of my mentors, Robert Kiyosaki says, in families with abundance they teach them, “how can I afford this luxury” versus in poor families they constantly tell them, “you can not afford that”, you can not spend that kind of money. All of a sudden we go from a place where we are constrained in this inner place of scarcity. And once you’re constrained to a place of scarcity then you’re not opened up. At this point if you see  somebody made money then maybe you will jump into conclusions quickly and think, he won the lottery, maybe he is a drug dealer, maybe they did something filthy bad to make that money. Do you understand what I mean?

We need to get out of that paradigm and start seeing money as value not as a curse. Beliefs like, money is the root of all evils. If you go from that belief in this world to make money, then all of a sudden you become part of that imaginary “evil” yourself. But if money could become the part of an empowering belief, beliefs like, money is the root of all charity, since all charities are created in some level using money, right? So if money is the root of all giving, all contribution, it’s a completely different metaphor. Embracing this new empowering metaphor is my invitation for you.

So, one simple action that you could do is start looking at other people, who are rich, and start appreciating them. See that, “ok, you must have done something incredible, how can I learn from you?” Rather than judging them and to a judgement, limiting ourselves into our current circumstance in life. So that is one intelligent action that you can take.

Another level, start thinking from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. There is enough for you, there is enough for her, this is enough for me, there is enough for all of us! So go from a place of abundance, then you would have built a base for a profound wealth or richness in the future. Of course just having the mindset is not enough, you need to do specific action. In the next 24 hours, what is one thing that you can do in order for you to have a better financial future? Maybe you can invest in a mutual fund or maybe if it’s the right time you can invest a tiny bit in real estate property or building or something.

So, what can you do? Something very small that you can invest in and start making a teeny bit of money. Do things that will help you, do actions, intelligent actions that will help you progress on your wealth with a mindset of abundance. Be appreciative of rich people. I’m not teaching you to appreciate rich people for them, I’m teaching you to appreciate rich people so you become rich. Once you start appreciating and being grateful, you will start becoming rich inside and that will help you build your fortune.

Alright, that’s it for today. Until next time.


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