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Why Synchronization is the Key to Successful Communication

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to connect with someone who shares your thoughts and feelings? How about those moments when you and your friends make the same plans without even discussing it? Believe it or not, this is the result of synchronization – the phenomenon of two or more entities moving together or at the same rate. Synchronization is something that happens naturally, but when harnessed properly, it can be a powerful tool for effective communication and persuasion.

What is Synchronization?

Synchronization is a neurological and psychological phenomenon that occurs when two or more entities align with each other. This phenomenon happens at different levels, including the brain and the body. For instance, when we are in rapport with someone, our brain waves synchronize, and we tend to align our thoughts and feelings with that person. Likewise, when we move together with someone, our body movements and actions synchronize, creating an almost perfect harmony.

How Does Synchronization Work?

Synchronization is a complex phenomenon that involves multiple processes in the brain and the body. At the neurological level, it happens through the activation of mirror neurons, spindle cells, and oscillators, which enable us to understand and empathize with others. At the psychological level, synchronization happens when we are in rapport with others, and we tend to think and feel the same way they do. This phenomenon is particularly effective in sales and persuasion, where being in synchronization with the other person can significantly increase the chances of closing a deal.

What If We Mastered Synchronization?

If we could master synchronization, we would be able to communicate and persuade more effectively, leading to better personal and professional relationships. Imagine being able to connect with anyone you meet and getting them to align with your thoughts and feelings effortlessly. Moreover, being in synchronization can lead to a better understanding of others, which can help us become more empathetic and compassionate.


Synchronization is a powerful tool that can help us communicate and persuade more effectively. By understanding the neurological and psychological processes behind synchronization, we can learn to align ourselves with others, creating a deep connection that can lead to better relationships and more successful outcomes. So, the next time you want to persuade someone, remember that synchronization is the key to success.

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