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Published : May 8, 2023

Do You Have A Guarantee

Why Offering a Guarantee Can Increase Sales and Build Trust with Your Customers As consumers, we all want to feel confident and certain about the products or services we are purchasing. However, as human beings, we inherently lack certainty and are always seeking ways to alleviate this uncertainty. This…

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Published : May 6, 2023

I'm Not Convinced It Will Work For Me

Why Understanding Your Prospect’s Deep Needs Is Crucial to Closing a Deal Sales is a critical component of any business, and closing deals is the ultimate goal of every salesperson. However, some prospects often hesitate to buy, and one common reason is when they say, “I’m not convinced it…

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Published : May 4, 2023

Already Working With A Competitor

Why Standing Out is Crucial in Business and How to Handle Competition As entrepreneurs, we always look for ways to set ourselves apart from the crowd. We want to offer a unique product or service that people will be drawn to. However, in a highly competitive market, it can…

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Published : May 2, 2023

Not Interested

Why You Shouldn’t Take Rejection Personally in Business and How to Deal With It In the business world, rejection is a common occurrence. Whether you’re a salesperson or a business owner, you’ve likely experienced a situation where someone has told you they’re not interested in your product or service.

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Published : April 30, 2023

Need More Information

Why We Need to Emotionally Connect with Customers in Sales What do you do when you meet a customer who is interested in your product or service, but just can’t seem to make the decision to buy? Maybe they are looking for more information, or they want to know…

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Published : April 28, 2023

No Budget

Why There Is Always Money for the Things You Want and Must Do When it comes to achieving our goals, the lack of funds can be a significant obstacle to overcome. However, entrepreneur and author Dan Lok has a different perspective on the issue. In a video, he discusses…

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Published : April 26, 2023

Need To Run It By Someone Else

Why External Validation is Important for Your Business Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to convince potential clients to buy your product or service? You may be missing a crucial aspect of the sales process: external validation. In a recent video, a business coach talks about the importance…

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Published : April 24, 2023

Need To Think About It

Why “I Need to Think About It” is Not an Objection, But a Belief If you are in sales, you’ve heard it before. You’ve given your best pitch, talked about the features and benefits, and then your potential client says those dreaded words, “I need to think about it.”…

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Published : April 22, 2023

Price is Too High

Why Objections are the Key to Persuasion and How to Handle the “Price is too High” Objection Have you ever tried to sell a product or service, but faced resistance from potential customers who claim that “the price is too high”? If so, you’re not alone. This is the…

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Published : April 20, 2023

Tribal Curse Stories

Why Your Tribal Curse Story Is Holding You Back From Success What is a tribal curse story? It is a belief shared by an entire tribe or group of people that holds them back from achieving success in a particular area of life. In this final video of his…

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