1 Thing That Guarantees A Successful Thriving Business NOW & 5 Years From Now!

Many big and small businesses won’t survive 5 to 10 years from now. Therefore, every business owner must learn how to adapt & succeed. There are problems that every business must overcome in order to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Two types of problems we face in our businesses:

TACTICAL PROBLEMS Tactical problems happen when we don’t know how to do something & must figure it out. Everyone has these problems and are capable of managing them.
ADAPTIVE PROBLEMS These problems are more difficult to overcome. Sometimes you might not have an answer, so you must go and look for it. Sometimes you might have to change a mindset in order to fix it.
Three steps to solving these problems:

ADAPT You must first adapt. If something needs to be changed, change it.
ANTICIPATE Next you must anticipate. Anticipate what will happen five or ten years down the road.
DISRUPT and become the change.
When adapting, ask yourself these question:

How do we survive the problem of market adapting to the new level?
How do we make sure that we are relevant in the industry?
How do we make sure we are relevant in the business that we are working on right now?

Thoughtful Quotes:

A Perfectionist is chasing an illusion it doesn't exist in business

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Ruble Chandy

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