1 Difference Between the Rich & Poor


The main difference between those who are poor from those who are rich and wealthy is…GRATITUDE. In order to become wealthy and stay wealthy is to have gratitude, show appreciation, and understand the meaning of wealth.

Have Gratitude Gratitude is the ability to appreciate and be thankful for what you have in your life at this moment. Rich people appreciate what they have. Appreciation paves the way for more riches to come into your life.

Show Appreciation Do you appreciate the fact that you have so much freedom in comparison to other countries? Do you appreciate having loving parents when there are hundreds of orphans in foster homes? The more appreciation you give, the greater your chances for achieving wealth into your life.

Meaning of Wealth Wealth is not just money it is also great health, great relationships, happiness, and the ability to stay in an emotionally stable state. A man can have all the riches in the world, but if he is depressed it will serve him nothing.

What keeps billionaires maintaining their wealth is their gratitude. They are thankful for what they have and appreciate everything that comes into their lives.

Start appreciating what you have now, today!

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Ruble Chandy


Hi, this is Ruble Chandy, the creator of Time to Profit.

I have a question for you…

What is the number one secret of those who are really wealthy beyond your imagination? We will get back to this.

Today, 95% of our wealth is owned by 1% of the people in this world. I know there are some people who take advantage of those that are poor. While at the same time, if you generalize, you will see that most of the people who are wealthy like Carlos Slim from Mexico Telecommunication company, Warren Buffet from the U.S., or Bill Gates, are great philanthropists. These are the people who gave 80 to 90% of what they had. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of facebook, donated 3 billion dollars to help cure illness in the world.

I could tell you over and over again of so many people who have donated so much money into charities. Several of these billionaires have promised to give 50% of their wealth to causes that will help humanity. Therefore, there are a lot of great people who are wealthy and that is something I want you to understand. Yes, we might see some crazy jerks who take advantage of the fact that they have money, but this is the exception.

Now returning back to the question, what is the single most thing that differentiates these people who are wealthy from everyone else? If you know this information you are on your way to becoming wealthy.

First I want to define wealth. Wealth is not having a lot of money. Of course that is part of it but, you need to have great health, great relationships, happiness, and be in a stable emotional state. Even if you have all the money in the world, if you’re depressed it’s not going to serve you.

In fact, I read about this billionaire from Germany who had 8 billion dollars. One day the stock market crashed and he lost 2 to 3 billion dollars in a day. Therefore, his net worth went from 8 billion dollars to about 4 billion dollars. Do you know what he did? He committed suicide. He thought it wasn’t worth it to live a life of a billionaire with 4 billion dollars. There are exceptional people like this. For the most part, the things that make these billionaires keep their wealth is gratitude.

In the U.S. we celebrated Thanksgiving last week. John Templeton basically had nothing at the end of the 2nd world war. He started investing his money into the stock market when everything was crashing and was able to build a billionaire dollar portfolio within a few years. Someone asked, “what is the number 1 key to gathering and keeping wealth?” He said, it’s gratitude.

The more grateful you are, there is a greater chance for you to succeed in becoming rich and more wealthy. It might sound corny and spiritual but in reality you’re attracting wealth by being grateful. What do I mean by this?

Here’s an example. You can go from two places, you could use the half empty, half full metaphor and say, “you know what, I have great health today, I have great abundance of relationships today, I have a house today.” If you look back into history you might have heard of Napoleon. He was a great French emperor who had the world under his control. Yet, he never had a phone. He couldn’t call his wife or friends or text them and say “hey I’m on my way!” This was not an option for him. Whereas, today we have cell phones. It’s an amazing wealth that we have. Yet now we have our phones and might be thinking, “aww why don’t I have a satellite phone?” or “why am I not able to travel across the world?” Instead, you can appreciate the phone you have or whatever you have in your life. Same with relationships. There are people who don’t appreciate that they have parents. There are many children in the world who are orphans and living in foster homes because they don’t know who their parents are. Maybe they were a refugee and had to leave their country. These people can not see their real parents. If you have parents that love you, appreciate that.

I read a statistic yesterday about people in the western world. They only have .7 friends. In other words, for 3 people they only have 2 friends. A Lot of people don’t even have 1 friend that they could trust. Out of 3 people only 2 have 1 friend who they can actually trust. Therefore, if you have a friend, that is great wealth for you.

Let’s look at another example. If you live in a country where you have freedom and democracy, that is a big deal. You might not see it today, but the people who live with no freedom are missing alot. Here in the U.S. you can say crappy stuff on Youtube, but not in some other countries. So appreciate the freedom.

This is not a, “I’m never going to be rich so I’ll be happy with all these other things.” That’s not what I’m doing here. In order for you to be wealthy, you need to start appreciating what you have. Your relationships, friendships, love, abundance of freedom, pre-existing wealth like your phone, or any other materials you have in your life. Appreciate the food you have in your life. There’s about 4 million kids who die due to starvation. Thus, if you had food today you can be grateful.

If you want to stay where you are at today then you don’t have to do anything. You can be ungrateful and cynical and that would be fine. However, if you want to go to the next level and become wealthier then start appreciating what you have, starting now. You will start to see so many good things around you and will finally reach that destination where you feel as if you have reached it and are now wealthy.

Ruble Chandy signing off. Until I see you again, Live Joyfully this week.

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