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Guide your organization and train your engineers to communicate and lead with stress-free productivity.

Why do some IT professionals succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while othersstruggle? The Information Technology industry is constantly changing with new technologies coming every day; wouldn’t you want your engineers to adapt to the changes sooner than later? Wouldn’t it be nice to retain your best engineers by teaching them the art of stress-free productivity, rather than painfully replacing them when they can’t keep up with changes? Are your engineers negative and unsupportive of your innovative projects?Do you feel that your engineers are not taking ownership and leadership for the projects and actions they oversee? Do engineers often tell you they don’t have enough time for the most important projects that you want them to work on? But, you and I know that the truth is, there is one thing that all engineers have in common: time. Lack of time isn’t really the issue—there are professionals in your organization who can accomplish more in one week what others can in one month. It’s how they think about and strategize their time that makes the difference. And, no matter where your average engineers are today in terms of productivity, you can choose to help them achieve more. Like your best engineers, Ruble Chandy had huge dreams about what he wanted to do as an engineer himself, and he was committed to turning those dreams into reality. However, it seemed that the more success he had, the more demanding his life became as well. On the top of that, technology revolutionized the way we live our lives. Most of us have smart phones, tablets and laptops, in addition to our PCs. We have several email addresses that we need to monitor and respond to. We all have at least 1-3 social media accounts that overload us with information, whether we want it or not. Ruble was overwhelmed by the number of roles he needed to play and the sizeable amount of information that he needed to manage and act upon. So, he began to research a variety of time management tools and systems, reading more than 100 books on time management. However, for years, nothing he found really worked for him—they were all based on the premise of a “to-do” list or organizing “a project”. He kept on switching from one productivity system to another one only months later. (Sound familiar to you?) Nothing worked as efficiently as he wanted. That’s when he realized that we all needed a new framework—one that could remind us to focus our energy on what is most important. Read Ruble Chandy’s blog on the 4 major time management training systems of the last century.

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker.

Real, Measurable Results

Ruble Chandy’s learning processes deliver a strategic framework of hyper-productive individuals, designed for beginners as well as experts. Today’s commitments require real work and in-depth skill development in several areas: flow-time (block-time), inspiration,organization, focus, attention and energy state management. He also teaches about the key leadership attributes of peak performers, including initiative, proactive communication and project ownership to help you mold world class engineers in your organization.

You Will Learn:


1. STEP UP – own your project

It takes a leadership to own a project. We help IT professionals to master the mindset of a leader so that they can start to take ownership and initiative for all their projects and actions.

2. WHO IS YOUR CLIENT – become a world class professional

If your engineers consider their immediate supervisors as a client, how would they act differently? What will they do to make his/her customer experience better? This is what we teach our seminar attendees here.

3. EVERYONE IS A LEADER – how to use the leader’s paintbrush.

What is the number one reason for a project failure? It is lack of team communication. Seminar attendees will be taught how to proactively communicate and apply these principles to become true masters of their project outcomes.



 1. EVOLUTION OF TIME MANAGEMENT – your productivity self-assessment

Learn the evolution of time management though the 4 landmark productivity systems that has lead us to where we are today. We stand on the shoulders of those giant systems. Seminar participants will self-assess where they are in these evolutionary cycles and define extraordinary outcomes for their growth.

2. THE 3 FORGOTTEN PRINCIPLES – the masters touch

Most of us aren’t aware of these 3 principles, but they are crucial in learning how to manage our time. Seminar attendees will be taught how to apply these principles to become true masters of their personal life and project outcomes.

3. INTRODUCTION TO THE 7 STEPS TO HYPER-PRODUCTIVITY – find the missing pieces Here we introduce you to Ruble Chandy’s 7 vital principles of productivity. This will give seminar attendees an overview about efficient time management in the 21st century.

4. CAPTURE – clear your personal RAM

We will teach you about the most powerful productivity tool of all time: Capture. You will learn the value of this approach and how to effectively use this tool in your personal and professional life.

5. FLOW TIME – your creative workspace

Creativity pours with Flow Time. We will teach you how to find your most creative workspace every day by mastering this principle of productivity.

6. LIVE IN ANANDA – master your state

Constantly and consistently renewing oneself ensures you will have plenty of energy throughout the day to focus on important activities. We will introduce you to the power of mastering this state and its effect on your personal productivity. Seminar attendees will practice reaching and staying at their peak state so they can attain that mindset on demand. They will also create a plan to ignite their body’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

7. TOOLS TO PERSONAL FREEDOM – don’t let them be your master

Believe it or not, your life is more important than your projects! If you are not able to manage your personal life, you might not be able to produce well at work. We all need tools to manage both life and projects. We will introduce you to a few new productivity tools that will set your life straight so you can manage your work projects more efficiently.

8. ORGANIZE YOUR PROJECTS – let the calendar be your work assistant

It is essential to build reliable processes with email, tasks, calendars, contacts and notes to support your productivity. Seminar participants learn techniques to maximize the use of one platform their choice (Either the Microsoft Outlook or Gmail calendar) in building a reliable personal information system.

9. INSPIRATION – the forgotten language

Almost nobody postpones a particular task because is not important. He or she does it because of a lack of inspiration and motivation. How can we inspire ourselves to do the things that are important, but not urgent? This is a question professionals and entrepreneurs ask Ruble all the time. We will answer that for participants.

10. ACT ON THE MOST INTELLIGENT ACTION (MIT) – urgency is your choice

In today’s world, there are so many options about how to spend one’s time and energy. Seminar attendees will learn to approach each day with an “intelligent mindset”, based on Pareto’s Principle. They will also learn how to identify and eliminate activities that distract them from achieving the most important goals.

11. REFLECTION TO RELAXATION – how to really be stress free

We often lack a feeling of satisfaction at work because no one knows what we are accomplishing each week. If we don’t measure our accomplishments, we can’t achieve inner integration. This seminar is designed to guide participants toward a plan that will fulfill their inner needs through the tasks that they are accomplishing, both at work and in life.

12. YOUR BEST PRACTICES – dos and don’ts of the hyper-productive person

Like anything else in life, there are dos and don’ts in time management. Seminar attendees are trained on the roadmap of success in time management. They will also learn how to overcome the habit of procrastination that stops them from being their best. This section will address potential challenges they may face, while embarking on the journey of hyper-productivity.


MANAGER’S TOOL KIT – how to make sure that you get the best from your team

Most managers are not professionally trained on how to manage their most important resource: people. Here we teach managers and team leaders how to get the best outcome from their team members while being respectful and supportive of individual needs.