Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for Me

Written By : ruble chandy

Published : April 25, 2017

In simple terms, Law of Attraction means you will attract whatever you focus on into your life. What happens if the Law of Attraction doesn’t work?

In order to get the Law of Attraction to work for you every time, you must ask yourself these three questions:

1. IS IT GOOD FOR ME? Have a solid & emotional reason for attracting this goal into your life. You must want the goal deeply enough to achieve it. Without enough emotion attached to your goal, it won’t come into your life. Show the world that you’re worthy enough for your dreams. This is a great emotional reason.

2. IS IT GOOD FOR THEM? How does your goal serve others? If it lacks benefit for the world then it won’t come into your life. Think about your goal and how it can serve the entire world. This will help attract it into your life.

3. HOW AM I GOING TO CELEBRATE WHEN I REACH MY DESTINATION? HOW AM I GOING TO CELEBRATE IN THE PROCESS? WHO AM I GOING TO CELEBRATE WITH? Ask yourself these three questions. Tell your brain that it’s going to be pleasurable along the journey and at the end. By asking yourself “how am I going to celebrate,” your brain thinks there will be a celebration. Prevent your brain from feeling overly stressed & giving up by ensuring it that the journey will be tough, yet rewardable. 

The journey is tough, so you will need a serious and legitimate excuse to keep pushing. For example, if you wanted to save abused animals you’d go through serious battles to achieve that. When your goal has serious benefits & a powerful purpose, the universe is bond to make it happen.


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Why doesn’t Law of Attraction work for me? What’s wrong with me? People ask me this all the time. What is Law of Attraction first of all? It’s a principle that, in simple terms, you will attract what you focus on in your life. As in relationships, finance or the people you want to have in your life.

So why isn’t Law of Attraction working for you? Ever since the book “The Secret” was released this became an even more popular idea because a lot  more people heard about it. People started attracting wealth, relationships, and financial freedom into their life. Yet, It doesn’t seem to work for most people. Is this your case?

If you know this information, as in, how to use Law of Attraction correctly, then the key to the kingdom is yours. If you don’t know this information then you’re stuck in your current situation for a lifetime. You are stuck in other people’s dreams. I told you if you use Law of Attraction correctly you’ll be able to have the key to the kingdom, but you know that you’re already using it correctly. That is a surprising fact.

I am this village kid from India who didn’t know English or anything about anything. I wasn’t skilled in anything and was making 100 dollars a month 17 years ago. Yet I was able to scale up my life 100 times, 200 times what I was making 17 years ago. I was fortunate to work with business people, coaches, and entrepreneurs who make hundred-thousand times to hundred million a year!  I have been fortunate to consult with or advice or work with people like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and David Buck. When I look into these people’s mindsets, the people who are mover and shakers, I see one thing in common. They all know the principles I am talking about here today. They seem to have figured it out. They didn’t need the book or have to watch a movie, but they figured it out. This is the opportunity I have to share with you today.

What is it that makes these people different? What makes it possible for them to attract their dream, their ideal partner, their ideal health, their ideal money, wealth, or freedom into their life? Then I realized that for the people who are really successful, their dreams had two things in common, one of them is the obvious one, it was good for them in terms of relationship or money. The second attribute I saw in them is that they always focused on something that is good for the world.

So when you’re trying to attract something into your life and it’s not going to help the world in a sustainable way it might not be supported by God, by Divine force or whatever you call it. So, it should be good for you and for the world.

As I am talking about this I would like you to examine the goals you’re trying to achieve in your life. Examine whether or not the goal you’re trying to achieve is good for you and the world. If that is the case then your dream qualifies to be attracted into your life. This is the basic qualification. Once it is good for you and the world, the second reason it’s not working for you is that you don’t have a solid emotional enough reason behind your goal. What do I mean by this?

Let’s imagine the situation. This is something I heard from Zig Ziglar 5-6 years ago. What if Tenzing and Hillary were trying to climb Mt.Everest and out of nowhere someone ask “how did you climb Mt.Everest?” and they reply, “oh, we were just walking around the Himalayas and thought maybe we should climb Mt.Everest”. This is what they did right? No. They had preparation behind what they wanted to do. They knew there was struggle and that it’s not easy all the time. It is not hard, but it’s not easy all the time. Thus, they had enough emotional reason. They prepared physically for climbing Mt.Everest. They also prepared emotionally. They focused on it emotionally.

So what are your reasons for climbing the Mt. Everest that you want to climb? Just by visually and saying “I want to climb Mt. Everest,” and then sitting down and watching tv, this isn’t going to work. You need to prepare emotionally and prepare physically. I will talk about physical in a second. Emotionally, how do you prepare emotionally so that you attract what you want to have in your life?

You do this by finding emotional reasons. For me it was, I was a kid who no one believed could be anything. Despite all my struggles & challenges that I had to go through, I wanted to show the world that a kid like me could achieve anything. That became my emotional partner all throughout my life. So what is our emotional reason? What is something that will trigger you emotionally that’ll take you to the next level? When you find that reason, look into it all the time. When you start your journey it’s not going to be easy. I’m not the person who says “just visualize and everything will come true.” There is a journey between point A and point B. The only thing that’ll help you sustain is the emotional reason. It’s not the only thing but it’s the main thing.

You can stop here and find your emotional reason right now. If you don’t exactly know what your goal is then answer this question…Imagine you and I are sitting down, you are describing to me about your achievement, what should happen in order for you to feel that you have made it? A year from now, what should happen in order for you to feel that you made it? The answer to that question is what you’re looking for. Write that down. Once you write that down, find the emotional reasons for why you must achieve it in the next 12 months.

If anyone is telling you, “just come to me and I’ll teach you how to attract anything you want in 30 days,” then walk away. That is not how it works. The journey is tough and challenging. That is why you need to have your emotional reasons that will keep you grounded.

Once you have your emotional reasons, then you must show your brain that it’s going to be pleasurable in the end. In order to do this you must ask yourself, “how am I going to celebrate when I achieve this goal?” This sounds so simple, but apparently most people aren’t doing it. That’s why I’m sharing this with you. We need to show our brain, the end and the journey is going to be pleasurable, otherwise your brain is going to freak out and not want to do all the hard work. Maybe this is why some speakers are telling you that you can just come to me, spend two days, and become a millionaire. That doesn’t happen. In reality, the journey is tough. In order for you to succeed in this journey, you must be able to focus on the destination and enjoy the journey towards the destination. Again, focus on the destination all the time and enjoy the journey towards the destination.

So for this you ask, “how am I going to celebrate while I’m in the process of achieving this?” and “how am I going to celebrate when I reach my destination?” Also, who are you going to celebrate with?

So far you have an outcome. 10 years from now, you and I are sitting down. We’re discussing your goal. What should happen in order for you to feel that you’ve made it? That’s your goal. For that, what are the emotional reasons for why you must have it? Then what will you do in order to have small celebrations on the way and a big celebration at the end? Lastly, who are you going to celebrate that with?

Do you see that now you’ve tricked your brain into believing that, “oh how am I going to celebrate when I achieve this goal,” now you’re already assuming that you have won this game because you’re celebrating and you see yourself celebrating.

The next thing is very important. Who are you going to give back to when you achieve this goal? Your idea or dream should not only help you to have a greater life, it should also help the universe to be better and also you should consciously give back especially if it’s a financial goal, business goal, or monetary goal. How are you going to give back when you achieve this goal? Who are you going to give back together with? Can you give it as a community? Can you bring your husband or wife with you for giving? Maybe you can bring your children. Who are you going to give back with?

Now you have future paced yourself. You can already see from the other side, “ok I achieved now.” So again, you have already reached this destination now you’re looking back, “how am I going to celebrate when I achieve this?” “How am I going to give back when I achieve this?” Once you have that, already it’s not done.

The final step is, “what is the next intelligent action I can take today that will take me to the next outcome?” There is this huge outcome that is a gigantic goal that you have to make 3 million in a year, but in order for you to reach that gigantic goal, what is one simple intelligent action that you can take today in the next 24 hours, not a week from now, not tomorrow morning, today, that you can take to get you to the next level?

You keep on asking these questions everyday, you will build this certainty inside of you that you have already reached this point. So you have this outcome, you have the emotional reasons that will drive you towards this outcome, that will let you not give up, and persevere even when things are going tough, and then how are you going to celebrate when you achieve this goal, and you know who you’re going to celebrate with, you know how you’re going to give back, and then you find an intelligent action everyday, the most important thing that you can do, the most intelligent thing that you can do, most efficient thing you can do, that will take you from point A to point B, atleast in the direction of point B. Now you have an Inner certainty. This is the most important thing I’m going to tell you right now, if you didn’t listen to anything else, listen to this.

Once you reach that point, you build this eternal certainty. You build that in your body. So certain you feel like has already happened. It builds something called a cognitive dissonance. Your subconscious is saying, “oh, I got this already,” or it could go the other way and your body might be saying, “oh maybe that is true, maybe I should join too.” So what happens is you have this amazing certainty in your body and you reach a point of faith that you know that this is done already. That’s when miracles happen everyday.

You reach a point where you have absolute faith and certainty that this is going to happen, this is exactly how I’m going to celebrate, this is exactly how I’m going to give back, this is exactly how I’m going to take action towards that, then you have this faith, unstoppable faith, and it could be associated with your religion, if you believe in Christ, Allah, Krishna, or Buddha, it doesn’t matter. You could associate this faith with your own God as long as it is serving yourself and the greater good. You can ignore everything I told you. If you just have faith, then you don’t need anything I told you before. You just have faith and that’s it. If you have that absolute faith, that inner certainty, that nobody can shake it or take it away from you, even when someone says “screw your dream, this is bs!” and then you can still persevere, you are, my friend, is going to make it to the top. That’s what I have seen in these people who make from a hundred thousand a month to a hundred million dollars in their businesses. Have faith.

I know it might sound so simple but that’s perfect. Have faith in you, have faith in whatever God you believe in. Once you focus on your triumph with absolute faith and certainty, divine force will guarantee that you’re successful. Again, this is a belief that I want you to leave today with and live the rest of your life with. When you focus only on triumph and only triumph, then divine force will guarantee that you are going to succeed. Maybe you can start saying this everyday in the morning before you sit down and visualize the dream that you want to have in your life, the ideal financial goal that you have, the money that you want to have, the relationship that you want to have, the health that you want to have.

I’d like to leave you with this. If you focus only on triumph, divine force will guarantee that you will succeed. You just need to focus on triumph most of the time. It’s impossible for us to be focused on triumph all the time so focus on it most of the time. If you do that then the universe, if you don’t believe in God then you call whatever, again, I call it divine force, so divine force will guarantee that you succeed.

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