How to Overcome & Avoid Big Failures

Written By : ruble chandy

Published : March 24, 2017



Have you ever been stuck in a rut and felt like there was no way out? Is there a huge transformation that you’re going through right now?

Lucky for you, we all go through such transitions. No matter what, you must find a way to deal with the situation and own up to your new role.


Here a few steps for helping you migrate through difficult times and make your transition a little bit smoother.

We must first develop empowering beliefs and eliminate disempowering beliefs.

An empowering belief is positive, whereas a disempowering belief sounds something like…“I’m not good enough,” “I’m not old enough,” or “I’m not smart enough.”


Here are my 3 Empowering Beliefs:


  1. I’m one in God and God is one in me. No matter whether or not you’re religious, believe that no matter what you want, it will be given to you. Tell yourself this repeatedly until you are clear of doubt.
  2. I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Beliefs give you inner certainty. By repeatedly telling yourself this, you will start to believe it. You will be certain that you can achieve anything you put your mind to on a realistic scale.
  3. No matter what I’m going through, there is always a bigger picture. There is always a bigger picture, meaning, or purpose for what you’re going through. If you can believe this then you will see the bigger picture. Your life will change for the better.


Understand that any challenges you’re going through right now are simply pushing you to the next level as long as you keep FOCUSING on what you want. Anyone with a dream is going to have a journey (whether you like it or not) but there’s always something greater on the other side.


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Have you ever been in a situation where you figured out there was no way out? You’re stuck. You don’t know how to move on. You feel like a total failure, failed at something really big, and have no idea how to get out of it?


People message me and ask, “have you been in a situation where you feel like there is no way out? Where you feel like a complete failure? You completely screwed up and you know there’s no way out?”


You could be a really educated person, you might know so many tools and techniques. You know so many things, but have no clue how to deal with this situation.


Yes! I have been in situations like this. Not one time, many times! When I have gone through those situations, there was one piece of information that helped me alot. It guided me, because I was in a transition. In life, you and I, we’re always going through some sort of transition in some area of our life.


My metaphor for transition is…you have this huge lake that you need to cross and there’s no bridge. It’s dangerous with crocodiles and there’s no safe way to cross. You could try to build a raft, but then there’s the danger of crocodiles crawling into it. In life, you could be going through a divorce, change in career, or may have started your own business. That is a huge transition! You could have been promoted to the next level as a manager. In each of these cases you need to own up to that new role. You need to own that new role and step up! You need to figure out a way to build that bridge across that river so you can be safe.


This information is going to help you have a smoother transition in life. In whatever you’re doing, life or business, a career or relationship change.


Like I said, I have gone through situations like this. Often times, I consciously shift my enrollment so that I challenge myself to move on to the next level.


I remember the last time I’ve gone through a situation like this. I will share with you what I did so you can also model it. If you’re going through a transformation right now, this information is going to help you stabilize yourself and have that inner certainty that you will reach the other side.


Often times what happens to you and I is this…we reach the other side of the river, we start swimming, and once we see that first crocodile we think, “omg, let’s go back!” You were prepared, you were ready, and you had a backup plan, but once you see the crocodile your mind gets irrational. Does that sound like something that’s happened in your life?


When you see the crocodile your mind should feel that you’re in charge of the situation and have complete control. In order for you to do this you must consciously design empowering beliefs. Some of you naturally have this. Some of my friends have the belief that no matter what happens, there is always a way out. These beliefs are the bridges from one side of the river to the other. Your mind cannot conceive this journey. Your mind will always reject the idea of crossing that river. Your mind wants to go to some place that is safe and comfortable.


In order to train your mind you need empowering beliefs. There are 2 types of beliefs, beliefs that empower you and ones that disempower you. These disempowering beliefs say, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not old enough,” “I’m not smart enough,” “I’m not good-looking,” etc. These beliefs are all disempowering you and chaining you. These are the explosions of the bridges. You may have some strong and good beliefs, but these are the explosions to those good beliefs. When we are stuck, we’re actually just stuck in a limiting belief.


Some of you might have the belief to believe in God and that no matter what happens God will protect you. That is a beautiful belief! It doesn’t matter what your religion is, if you believe a God can protect you then keep that belief. Continue to believe this no matter what happens. This is what I teach you to do.


You might notice from some of my videos that I have a pretty sophisticated skill in terms of managing my psychology, but at these failure points, I felt completely hopeless. When a challenge happens to you, the challenge is affecting your whole self. What you know won’t help you, unless you’re willing to consciously sit down. This is what I did and I said, “hmm, I feel totally stuck. What do I do now? I can give up and declare myself a failure or I can create some empowering beliefs.” From that I created 3 empowering beliefs that day.


One of those beliefs was, “I’m one in God and God is one in me.” If you’re not a religious person you could modify this. I can ask for whatever I want and it will be given to me. This was the first belief I wrote down and continued saying it over and over again in my head, until I grasped it and captured it in my entire body!


My second belief was, “I can achieve anything I put my mind to.” Whatever I was struggling with at that moment, I felt like I could achieve anything that I put my mind to. You believe this with your inner certainty. Beliefs are a set of information that give you inner certainty. It’s a sense of certainty that something is true. I may not be able to do everything I put my mind to. For example, if I wanted to fly to Mars tomorrow, whether or not I put my mind to it, I cannot do that. However, your MIND doesn’t work that way. If you continuously tell your mind that it can do anything and everything you can achieve it.


The third belief I installed in my mind was that no matter what I’m going through, there is always a bigger picture. Whether I see it at that time or not. There is always a bigger picture to whatever you’re going through that you might not see right now. However, you will see it if you pay attention to it. This was the one that helped me out alot! When things get really tough and challenging you might be thinking, “What the heck! This doesn’t make sense. No one is on my side. I feel totally abandoned. I don’t know what to do anymore!” If you have the belief that no matter what you’re going through there is a bigger picture, purpose, or meaning, then you will see that bigger picture. With this belief, life will never be the same.


When I look back I can see that there was meaning in every challenge I had. However, when you’re stuck in a challenge, you forget all of this. You’re just like, “what the heck, I don’t deserve this!” Yet, if you have this belief and keep telling your mind that no matter what’s happening right now, there’s a bigger picture.


I don’t mean this in a sacrificial way or that you’ll gain meaning in the next life. I’m talking about this life. No matter what you’re going through right now, it has a bigger meaning. It’s a preparation. You’re going through a training right now. It could be nature, God, or the universe that’s training you for a bigger mission that it has waiting for you. You could say, “screw it, I don’t want to do this mission anymore.” Then the universe or God will say, “okay I understand,” and the problem is solved. Yet, if you’re ambitious with a dream, then these problems are simply pushing you to the next level. It’s the outside of your comfort zone that change happens. If you’re not pushed to cross that line then when you look back 50 to 60 years from now you will think, “this is not the life that I wanted to live.” You can either be an example for others, or an inspiration.


So what do you do?   


Sit down and write an empowering belief that could help you cross that bridge. What is one belief that can empower you? Of course you could use the beliefs that I have.


The first is, “I’m one in God and God is one in me.” I could ask for anything and it would be given to me. second belief I have is, no matter what I want to achieve, I can do it, if I put my mind to it. I can achieve anything I want to have! Yet, of course it would be something reasonable. The third belief, which helped me the most, is that no matter what I’m going through right now, there is a bigger picture.


So, what do YOU do now? Write down a belief of your own that will empower you when you are crossing this bridge. Plan ahead. Don’t wait until you’re at the river to figure it out. Even if you’re not going through a major transformation in your life right now, which is highly unlikely, still…sit down and write down the empowering beliefs that are going to help you when you reach that river. When you finally cross that river, you’re going to find the highest version of you. That is what’s going to help you become fulfilled. In order to become more fulfilled, you need to become MORE of YOU.


More of you doesn’t mean lazy or whatever I get I’ll take. More of you is when you challenge yourself. You build muscles by continuously working out. You build muscles by systematically breaking them. That’s how you expand your mind. Let go of the limiting muscles of your mind. When you expand your mind, or when you go through a challenge, you step up and say “no matter what I’m going through right now, there is a higher purpose.” That’s the invitation to your next level.


I teach entrepreneurs to to grow to 7 FIGURE businesses without being a slave to their business. If you’re an entrepreneur I would love to hear from you! I want to hear about the beliefs that you’ve created. Write down your beliefs in the comments section so that I can see them. I can help you make these beliefs even better.


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